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I am passionate about creating artefacts that inspire change, joy and reflection

I've always been fascinated by stories, machines and technology. In particular, what happened to people when they experienced them.

My life changed when lockdown presented a unique opportunity for me to explore new directions. I seized the chance to combine my love for technology and art by creating a game. Inspired by the whimsical idea of reversing the fate of chickens, using Game Maker Studio 2, I designed and programmed this game throughout lockdown. 


Cockadoodle DO or DIE

My eccentric platformer led to an intern position as a small indie studio. Upon returning to university, they opened a Virtual Reality and Motion Capture Department, where I would spend the remainder of my time as an undergrad.

I spend my free time hiking, reading books, drawing, skiing, finding ways to upskill as a Designer, playing games and going out with friends. My interests include human-robot interaction, philosophy, photography, transgenic art and architecture.


In character in Jane Eyre as St John Rivers


Rebuilding Louisiana for The Marvels, released in 2023

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