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About - You are a criminal treating your partner to a meal at a saloon. You are trying to catch the waiter's eye so he can serve you. Suddenly, the sheriff enters looking for a chicken thief (you). To not arouse suspicion, you don't leave immediately and have to avoid eye contact with the sheriff whilst still trying to get the waiters attention. 

Timeline 1 week

Role - 2D Artist

Tools - Adobe Photoshop

Platform - Tobii Eye Tracker

Contributions -  I designed and drew the level design of the environment, the main menu, fail screen, coins and background portraits.

- Designed and worked with the programmers to implement the sheriff mechanic to create a sense of challenge and tension for the player. 

I made the fail screen and main menu


The iterations of the asset and level layout in the saloon before it was textured


Version 1


Version 2


Version 3

cowboy coin.png

I drew the change the money and food the player receives

Prompt- A fun focussed virtual world in a week

This was the first round in which we could use platforms other than virtual reality, so we chose eye tracking. At first, I was intrigued by the way eyes were shot and used in Spaghetti Western films. In the Dollars trilogy, starring Clint Eastwood, there a moments of tension just before a shootout when combatants eyes were filmed looking quickly between each other. 

There was another idea of trying to gain the attention of a waiter with direct eye contact in a busy restaurant. We decided to merge both ideas together. The player is a bandit in a wild west saloon who has just stolen some chickens. As they order food, the Sheriff comes in looking for a chicken thief. They character's decide to act natural and not leave immediately. The waiter also has more customers to serve and begins to move around the screen faster. The player must not make eye contact with the Sheriff to avoid arousing suspicion whilst still trying to get the waiters attention. As the Sheriff gets more frustrated, he appears directly in the player's view, meaning the player has to try harder to not make eye contact. 

Unfortunately, realised too late that the scope of the vision above could not be achieved in the space of 1 week. We also had technical problems with the eye trackers. As a result, the game did not become what we had envisioned.


Post Mortem 

An important lesson I learnt on this round was the importance of defining reality in order to control scope. We overestimated how much we could get done as well as the overall ability of the team. The game had too many features for making it achievable in 1 week. 

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