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About - Working in an interdisciplinary team of 6 and collaborating with the Moonshot Museum to create 3 design prototypes for new interactive exhibits

Timeline - 14 weeks

Role - Experience Designer/ Assistant Producer

Platforms - PC , Tilt Five , AirConsole

Contributions - Creating design documents for each prototype that the team uses as a basis for development.


- These are a payload packing game, Mission Control simulation and AR Moon Colony Sandbox building game using the new Tilt Five AR board.

- Conducting user research (fieldwork) at the museum and using it to inform design choices

- Managing client communications and helping the producer establish workflows

I wrote this design document

I conducted user observations at the museum to understand how guests behaved at the exhibits. This would be used to inform design choices

Payload Packing Prototype Demo of progress so far

The play testing feedback I accumulated to help us understand what people did and did not enjoy

AR Moon Colony

Demo Video of progress so far

I wrote this design document

Mission Control

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