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We are combining AR with EEG to create a finger painting interaction that enables focussed attention meditation.


Finger painting has been proven to reduce stress, encourage creativity and increase energy levels in adults.


Augmenting our sense of touch on the surfaces of objects around us to encourage creativity and focus is what we want to achieve in this project.

Prototype Interaction


1. User is working in seated position using Augmented Reality

2. As their stress levels detected by the EEG increase, their AR glasses begin to 'fog up', representing their current mental state.

3. They have to stop work. Dots appear in front of them on the table surface.

4. Using their fingers, they draw patterns on the table which can form shapes. 

5. As their stress levels decrease and focus increases, the fog clears and they can resume their task.

Finger Painting Ideation

Myself and the other designer dedicated time to doing finger painting and analysing what could make for interesting interactions in AR and how the activity made us feel

IMG_5427 2.jpg
Screenshot 2023-05-13 at 15.04.27.png
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